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United States Dollar is important currency and it has a powerful impact on the world economy. United States Dollar’s code is USD and this currency is official currency in many countries and territories. Some countries and territories use USD unofficially. South African Rand is also known as ZAR. This currency has many official and unofficial users. Many people from the different world go to South Africa and other countries where ZAR is used officially and unofficially. Those official countries are South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and Swaziland. Zimbabwe is only the unofficial user of ZAR. However, you need ZAR against USD. You can know the rate of the foreign currency brokerage firm or from the bank.
USD/ZAR is the best method of knowing the price by the search engine. You may also use web tolls or applications to know the price of 1 USD into ZAR. But if you Google, Yahoo or any other popular search engine, then you can use various methods. I advise you to use USD/ZAR. You can use USD to ZAR or USD = ZAR but you will not get any better output than USD/ZAR. You know how to use an application to know the price. Because you will get direction with the application.

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