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If you are involved in international Business, then you should know all rules of international business. According to the business policy, you many to use currency. If you do any business with Singapore or Brunei, then you should use Singapore Dollar. You can also use US dollar if it is accepted in your business. If not, then you have to purchase SGD and sell USD. You have to sell it according to the current rate. You can know the rate by USD/SGD and with the keyword USD/SGD on the search engine. You can know the latest price of 1 USD to SGD by the search engine. You need to use the internet on your smartphone or on the computer.
Using the internet to know the USD/SGD is the best and fastest way. You do not need to wait for long if you want to know the rate. You can contact the bank or any financial firm to know the price. But if you use the keyword USD/SGD on the search engine, then you will know the price rate. You can know the price by the keyword USD to SGD but you will not get much detail for the keyword. You can try any keyword what you like.

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