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US dollar currency is unignorably currency and all of the people prefer this currency. Because this currency is very easy to use and purchase or sell. Although, in few countries, USD is used in many countries and territories officially and unofficially. But there are many countries where you find the United States Dollar for bank reserve and other purposes. Some other currencies are also popular but not like USD. RUB is a code of Russian ruble. Russian ruble is not popular currency but it is used only Russia officially. Unofficial users of the RUB are Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic.
When you need RUB, then you need to purchase it and you can purchase by selling another currency. You can sell USD and purchase RUB or USD/RUB. You can easily know the rate of the search engine or you can visit any other financial website. Some currency converter applications are also available for iOS and Android device. You can download that application and use for the conversion USD/RUB.
If you the keyword USD/RUB, then you will get detail price rate of the 1 USD against RUB. You can know the detail rate by the keyword USD/RUB.

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