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There is no international businessman who does not know United State dollar and he knows how important it is. He needs to use this currency in many businesses. United States Dollar or USD is a popular currency and people can buy it from bank and foreign currency brokerage house. This currency is used in many territories and countries officially and unofficially.
New Zealand dollar or NZD is not so popular currency comparatively United States Dollar. This currency is used in New Zealand officially and some other territories. Those territories are Cook Islands, Niue, Pitcairn Islands, Ross Dependency and Tokelau.
USD/NZD is the way to buy the currency NZD against USD. If you are a USD user, then you need sell USD and purchase NZD. Before buying the NZD, you should know the price against USD. You can know the price swiftly by the search engine. If you just paste “USD/NZD” on the search box, then the search will let you know the price when to press the enter button.
1 USD = NZD and USD/NZD are not the same things always. You may not get accurate price rate if you use 1 USD = NZD. You should use USD/NZD to know the price in detail.

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