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In this world, many types of currencies are used and some of the currencies are popular and many currencies are unpopular. Popular currencies are used more and necessary in the daily business life what you cannot ignore but unpopular currencies you may need to use for various purposes. Suppose, South Korean won is not popular currency against United States Dollar but if you go to south Korea, then you have to use South Korean won. This is why, you need to purchase South Korean won. The code of South Korean won is KRW and United State Dollar is USD. If you want to purchase KRW, then you need to sell USD but first, you need to know the price first. You can know the rate of different ways but I prefer to use the internet to know the price.
If you know the rate USD/KRW by the application on your smartphone, then you have downloaded the application and then you need to use the application. You can know USD/KRW from the bank and this is why you need to call the bank or you have to go to the bank. But if you have a computer and internet connection, then you just open the search engine (Bing or Google) and paste “USD/KRW” on the search box and press the Enter button.

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