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There is no place where USD or United State Dollar used. You will find it useful everywhere and you can sell it to any place. You do not need to worry about currency US dollar. Because it is available everywhere in the bank or brokerage firm. Some currencies are not so familiar but you may need those if you go to the country where those currencies run. Suppose Japanese yen which is familiar as Yen. Yen use in japan officially and unofficially in Zimbabwe. This is why, you may need to buy Yen by selling another currency. You can sell USD.
You can buy JPY from a bank or any other financial brokerage house. You need to know the price of USD JPY first against USD. You can know the price instantly by the USD/JPY on the search engine. If you have the internet, then you type the USD/JPY on the search engine and press the enter button to get the rate. There are several ways to know the price rate of USD/JPY but I have found the internet is the best option. If you contact with the bank or foreign exchange brokerage firm, then you can know the prcie rate but not faster than intrenet.

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