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There are many currencies available in the world and many of the currencies are used in the foreign business. Those foreign currencies may need to use for the tourism. Tourist needs to use foreign currencies local. That is why, you may find them to purchase foreign currencies. Buying foreign currencies mean selling another currency. That is why, they need to know the price and they use USD most. If they need Renminbi, then they need to sell USD for purchasing Renminbi. Renminbi is official currency of China and Zimbabwe. It is unofficially used by many other countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar, Mongolia, North Korea and Vietnam. So, if you trouble any of these countries, you need to purchase this currency.
Before purchasing to anywhere or someone, you need to know the price and you can know the price by USD to CNY or USD/CNY. You just apply any one of these things to know the price. But I suggest you use the USD/CHF. Because of this trick, you can know the price rate in detail. You need to use these keywords on the search engine. In this case, I prefer to use Google and USD/CNY keyword. Apple these things to know more.

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