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Currency conversion is a very important thing in the world and it happens regular, you cannot do anything without conversion. Because by the currency conversion, you fulfil your need in the business and travel. Many people travel a lot and this is why they are bound to keep foreign currencies with them. Suppose, people can convert USD/CHF. United States dollar is popular and it is used in many counties but if the currency does use locally in any place then you have to convert. CHF is a code of Swiss franc and USD is a code of United States Dollar. If you want to sell 1 US dollar and purchase CHF, then you need the price rate. That is why, by the USD/CHF method, it is easy to know the price of 1 USD. When you type USD/CHF on any search engine, then you will know the price of 1 USD to CHF instant.
USD to CHF and USD/CHF are different things. Although, these things let you know the price of 1 USD into CHF. But the USD to CHF does not give you the price in detail. You will get the price of 1 USD to CHF by the USD/CHF. You can try both things on the search engines and find the way to know the price 1 USD to CHF.

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