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Euro and USD are powerful currencies and these are used most for the international business purpose. You can easily sell EUR to USD by any bank. USD is a code of United State Dollar and this currency is older than Euro. But If you compare, then you find the USD sells or purchase most. In many foreign banks keep USD as foreign reserve. USD is very demanding currency. But you cannot deny the demand of Euro and it is also very running currency. EUR is the code of Euro. These codes are mainly used for foreign exchange selling. You may see EUR to USD or know the rate of 1 EUR equal to how many USD.
Conversion from EUR to USD is necessary when you need USD instead of EUR. Then you have to sell one currency to get another one. If you sell Euro, then you can purchase USD. To sell Euro or convert EUR to USD, you need to know the rate of 1 Euro price for USD. I prefer to use the internet to know the price rate of EUR to USD. Because no matter where you are, you can know the price of EUR to USD quick by using various web tools or applications.

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