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European crude oil Brent price USD per barrel

Crude oil is a very important thing and it is the very necessary thing for human life. This crude oil is created by naturally. It is created by the pressure of nature. Plants and animals are pressured in underground. Based on time, Crude oil is created under the pressure and time. There are mainly two types of crude oils and these are the United States’ WTI (West Texas Intermediate) and United Kingdom’s Brent. These two crude oils are different based on the price and quality. The price of any crude oil is measured by USD. It is very easy to know the European crude oil Brent price USD per barrel.
Brent Crude is sweet light crude oil. This crude oil is light for its low density. However, there are various sites where you can know the price of European crude oil Brent price USD per barrel. You can use the website www.bloomberg.com/energy and www.investing.com/commodities/brent-oil. So, you do not need to worry and this site gives you update price list of European crude oil Brent.
You can download applications to know the price rate of Oil. Those applications are available for all of the smartphone platforms and many applications are free to use.

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