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There are many popular currencies and Euro is one of those currencies. You can use Euro in every country and as it is an expensive currency, so you will get a good rate. However, you need to use different currencies based on the place or country. If you go to India, then you need to use different currency like Indian Rupee. Then you cannot use Euro. Because Euro is not their official or non-official currency. INR is a code of Indian Rupee. You have to convert Euro to INR if you want to purchase Indian rupee. You should know the local rate before you go to any bank or brokerage firm to sell Euro and buy a dollar. You can know the rate by applying the code EUR/INR.
You just open a computer where the internet is available. Go to google.com site and on the search box type the keyword “EUR/INR”. The keyword “EUR/INR” is better than EUR to INR. Because by the keyword “EUR/INR”, you can know the detail price. So, it is very easy to identify the rate. You can use the rate of the conversion but you do not need to use “EUR/INR”. In the application, you will get the option to choose EUR and INR.

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