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You need to use various types of currencies and that is why you have to buy the currencies and you can easily purchase any currency from broker firm or any bank. Some currencies are used most and among those currencies, Euro is the common and popular currencies. This currency is mainly used is foreign transection, bank foreign currency reserve, and other purposes. This is a powerful currency and it is mainly transected against other powerful currencies. 19 of the member states of the European Union use this currency.
Euro may sell against non-popular currencies like Swiss Franc. Swiss Franc is also called CHF as a code. CHF is also officially used in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Campione d’Italia, Italy. You need to convert EUR to CHF if you need to CHF currency. You can easily know the rate of conversion of EUR/CHF. You can contact with any bank to know the rate or you can use a search engine like Google or yahoo to know the rate. You just use “EUR/CHF” in the search box and in very shortly, you will get the conversion rate. I like to use the keyword “EUR/CHF”. Because by this method, you can find the rate in detail.

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