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Euro is the most used and most running currency. This currency is created by 19 countries of 28 members state of the European Union and those are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain. Officially Euro uses in those countries but unofficially Euro is used in various country and EUR is used as money exchange code and against the Australian dollar, US dollar, Pound etc.
The Australian dollar is called AUD as an exchange code. The symbol of the Australian dollar is $ and sometimes A$ is used. The Australian dollar is a powerful currency which is traded against many other important currencies like USD, GBP, and EURO etc. The Australian dollar is used unofficially by few other countries. You need to know the importance the AUD.
EUR/AUD means 1 Euro = how much Australian dollar. This EUR/AUD is used to know the detail rate. Currently, the rate of the 1 Euro is 1.48705945 AUD. You can easily know the conversion rate by using Google or any other search rate. There are many another conversion tool which works with the internet. You can use converter application in the smartphone.

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