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Dollar to Brazilian Real

US Dollar is mainly a popular and very useful currency. This currency is used widely in the world. Against, US dollar, various currencies ate use. As US dollar or Dollar ($) is powerful currency, so many countries, it is used as a foreign reserve. The dollar is controlled by Federal Reserve System. However, there are many countries use dollar but US dollar is mainly called the dollar. The US dollar is called fiat money and it is used for international transection. Many countries and territories use US Dollar as official and unofficial currency.
Brazilian Real is called real and the sign of Brazilian Real is R$. Central Bank of Brazil has controlled this currency. It is used by only Brazil. It is not so important currency what is used for foreign currency. This is not expensive currency.
You need to convert Dollar to Brazilian Real for business or some other purpose. If you need to convert from Dollar to Brazilian Real and know the rate of the Dollar to Brazilian Real, then you should check the rate by the internet. You just type the keyword “Dollar to Brazilian Real” on Goggle or Yahoo search engine. The current rate is 1 US Dollar equals 3.39 Brazilian Real.

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